Teresa, Ten, and I went to WonderCon this past weekend and while waiting in line, this happened. The kid seemed pretty excited to meet a fellow Titanfall player.

Summary of the con:

  • Roamed the exhibit hall for the entire day.
  • Bought a couple blind box Sailor Moon figures, and got Mercury and Mars. I’m glad the series is being rebooted! New merchandise!
  • Unexpectedly ran into Wizard of Kitty from my MegaTokyo forum days. It was great to meet an Internet friend in person. She’s cool.
  • Attempted to find a booth with the best Funko Pop prices for Teresa. So many booths carried them, it was sort of ridiculous.
  • Teresa and I got commissions from Katie Cook, whose art style is super cute.
  • We all used StreetPass to gather Miis and complete puzzles. It’s always exciting to see that green light go off.

In unrelated news, the comic’s RSS feed is broken. I’m not sure how long it’s been down, but I’m in the process of trying to fix it. It seems like it’s caused by the photo plugin I use. Oi.