This is the end of Fail Friends.

Deciding to end the comic has been rough. I’ve gotten a lot of joy from it these past 5 years, but this last year has been the hardest to keep it on schedule. I’ve never missed an update (which I’m immensely proud of), but I feel like the comic’s overall quality has decreased due to other parts of my life taking priority. A part of me doesn’t want the comic to end, but realistically it’s the best decision at this point. I’ll still be drawing, albeit not weekly, and you can sometimes find me over at Tumblr with the random doodle. I just want to say though, whether you’re a new reader or have been following Fail Friends since the beginning, thank you so much for reading. I’m glad I was able to provide a small amount of entertainment in your life and hopefully made you chuckle here or there. It’s been a wonderful, fun ride.